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Sessions begin on Tuesday 9/27 from 6pm-8pm at the Together Baton Rouge office in the McKinley Alumni Center (1520 Thomas H. Delpit Dr Baton Rouge 70802).  They continue for 7 Tuesdays with the 8th and final class on Saturday 11/12 from 9am-11am

Registration opens 8/27/22

8 weekly sessions on Tuesdays from 6-8pm (final session on Saturday 9-11am) at the Together Baton Rouge Office in the McKinley Alumni Center (1520 Thomas H. Delpit Dr Baton Rouge 70802)

Sessions are discussion based and led by local public education experts.

TOPICS: Historical overview of public ed; Overview of EBRPSS; Funding; Charter experiment and breakaway districts; EBRPSS Partners; Accountability & Messaging;Advocacy

For the best experience, we encourage in-person participation, which will be limited to the first 30 registrants who choose this option.  Once those spots are filled, only on-line or watching recordings will be available.  

Cost to participate is “pay what you wish”

With suggested price of $10/session or $80 for full course to cover nominal costs.  We encourage contributions to pro-public ed school board members in lieu of paying for course.  We would absolutely prefer your participation to your payment.  Our costs are minimal, any funds collected over our expenses will be donated to a school.  We are committed to creating informed advocates.  

No worries if you can’t make every session.

Although we encourage safe, in-person attendance for the best experience, classes will be available to registrants through live streaming and recordings.

Who is organizing this effort?

Although TBR is supporting this course, they are not the originator or sponsoring organization. Beyond Grades EBR is being done by a small group of active public school parents who have been advocating together for some time. We are committed to democratically controlled public education where teachers are supported, public schools are fully funded, and children are not over-tested. Too often, public education discussions happen with people who do not have grounded opinions about public education--and it is a complex issue that deserves proper attention. If we are to save and improve our public school districts, we must have an informed populace.  Many of the same volunteers who are working on Beyond Grades ran Beyond Bricks EBR in 2015 to get the community engaged in public education and to share their vision. This is somewhat of a follow-up to that previous effort.  

Please email info@beyondgradesebr.org with any questions.

For information about the 2015 community engagement effort, click here for an article.  Visit the facebook page here: Beyond Bricks EBR.

Topics will include the following:

Historical overview of public ed

Overview of EBRPSS


Charter experiment and breakaway districts

EBRPSS Partners

Accountability & Messaging


Learn how to be an effective voice for our kids.  They need you!

Email info@beyondgradesebr.org to stay up to date on registration opening.

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